Using carbon dioxide to give waste value


Carbon8 Systems is the first company to use Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), a treatment for industrial wastes and contaminated soils.


Built on more than 20 years of award-winning research, ACT has helped make us a world leader in the permanent capture of carbon dioxide, via a commercial process. The products of our patented process are carbon-negative materials for the construction industry. Delivering a commercially-proven carbon dioxide transformation technology, providing environmentally sustainable solutions for industry’s waste problems.


Our vision is to develop a global portfolio of waste treatment plants that make a significant contribution to preserving the environment through the permanent capture of waste CO2, while protecting natural resources and promoting the circular economy.

Our ACT process

Calcium and magnesium salts in industrial thermal residues, such as Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr), cement kiln dusts or steel slags, are reacted with carbon dioxide to form solid carbonates (limestone).

Our Commercial Development

Through granting a UK licence, the technology is proven at TRL 9 with 3 fully commercial plants in operation. Now, Carbon8 Systems has developed a containerised solution with direct flue gas capture.

Our International partners

Carbon8 Systems is working with a number of multi-national cement and waste management companies to develop ACT throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

“Our transition to a low carbon economy will be a key driver of future prosperity. C8S is at the forefront of this. Their innovation demonstrates why the UK is one of best places in the world for low carbon business.”

Gordon Brown

Former UK Prime Minister

“Carbon8 Systems is a company operating in the right space, at the right time. Carbon8 has already attracted a lot of interest from the construction and waste disposal industries and this award is well deserved.”

Robert de Fougerolles

Kent Innovation Challenge

“Over the past 20 years the Environment Awards for Kent Business have attracted high calibre entries. This year is no exception…Carbon8’s scientific innovation will reach far beyond the county’s boundaries.”

Roger Manning

Kent County Council