Carbon-negative materials for construction from Carbon8 Aggregates

Carbon8 Aggregates was formed in May 2010, in order to commercialise Accelerated Carbonation Technology for one particular waste stream. The company has a licence from Carbon8 Systems to treat Air Pollution Control Residues (APCr) from Energy from Waste plants just for the UK.

After Carbon8 Systems’ successful trial at North Farm Landfill site in the summer of 2010, Carbon8 Aggregates raised family and friends funding in order to carry out a more extensive trial in November and December 2010. Sufficient material was produced to test in production aggregate blocks and provide data for an ‘End of Waste’ application to the Environment Agency. The trial took place at the Lignacite block plant in Brandon, Suffolk, thanks to the support of Giles De Lotbiniere the chairman of the Lignacite company.



Despite the sub-zero temperatures, the potential configuration of a commercial plant was established and over 200 tonnes of aggregate was manufactured. The success of the trial led to investment in C8A by Grundon Waste Management and the financing of the first fully commercial plant at the Lignacite site in Brandon.

The first line was commissioned in February 2012 and a second line added in 2014 giving a total capacity for the plant of 30,000 tonnes of APCr per year or over 65,000 toones of aggregate product; the majority of which is used by Lignacite in both their dense and medium dense aggregate blocks.


Dense and medium dense aggregate blocks from Lignacite


In February 2016, a second plant was commissioned in Avonmouth. C8A also has planning permission for a site in Leeds and hopes to have at least two other plants by the end of 2020.

Visit C8A for more information and to see a video of the C8A process.