Carbon8 Systems has been awarded a grant of €50,000 to undertake a feasibility study for a project entitled: “Capturing and adding value to CO2 and hazardous waste to produce valuable aggregate for construction”.

The project will allow C8S to focus on three key aspects for the commercial development of the business:

  1. To gain a clear understanding of the legislation impacting the aggregate products produced by the ACT process from either single or multiple waste streams.
  2. To look at specifications of the product which will provide optimum market value.
  3. To quantify the available waste streams across Europe.

This project will run for 4 months until June 2019 and will also provide the company with background information for an application to Phase 2 of the H2020 SME Initiative. The project proposal was put together with the assistance of ZAZ ventures a company that specialises in preparing proposals for EU funding.