Carbon8 Systems, in collaboration with the Environment Agency, Kent County Council and the Technology Strategy Board, ran four demonstrations this September of ACT using carbon dioxide derived from the combustion of landfill gas.

Landfill gas that would normally be flared is being burnt in a controlled fashion to maximise the amount of carbon dioxide in the flue gas. This flue gas is then used to treat a variety of wastes including biomass ash and ash from paper recycling to manufacture engineering fill to assist in the restoration of the landfill site. Up to 20% carbon dioxide by weight can be captured in these wastes.

North Farm Landfill is a closed landfill that is suffering the inevitable degradation and associated subsidence and has limited loss in integrity of it’s clay capping layer. The project demonstrates a novel approach to the management of landfill gas and by helping construct a new capping layer the control of leachate.