Carbon8 Systems was presented with the award by TV presenter Alan Hart-Davies at a gala ceremony at the Banqueting Hall in London in November 2006.

The entry from Carbon8 Systems showed the treatment of hazardous wastes and the remediation of contaminated land with carbon dioxide. It’s accelerated carbonation technology (ACT) involves significantly lower treatment times and costs than alternatives and can turn waste into a safe product with value.

Treatment is rapid, takes a few minutes compared with days or months using other technologies, and costs are significantly lower. Carbon dioxide is sequestered and converted into carbonate salts, providing carbon credits. Heavy metal impurities, once immobilised in carbonated products are at near neutral pH, become permanently non-hazardous or inert. Benefits include increased product density, lower product volume and controllable particle size. The non-hazardous products can be used as secondary aggregate.

Wastes successfully treated include slag from steel manufacture, galigu from soap manufacture, and pyrotechnics and explosive wastes. Successful ACT remediation projects include North Sea oil drill cuttings from BP, cement kiln dust at Land Securities and Cleanaway’s water treatment sludges.