Adding carbon dioxide to waste to give it commercial value


Building on University of Greenwich’s research, Carbon8 Systems has developed a process known as Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), which uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbonate and treat a broad range of industrial by-products and residues. The process is a controlled, accelerated version of the naturally occurring carbonation process, but takes 15-20 minutes instead of the decades to millennia of the natural process. This circular solution can turn thermal and industrial by-products into mineralised products for various applications.

The technology has a unique combination of benefits that have a real contribution to the circular economy:

  1. Diversion of waste from landfill
  2. Permanent capture of CO2
  3. Replacement of natural aggregates with low carbon, sustainable products



Carbon8 Systems’ sustainable solution has several key advantages:

  • Rapid treatment where waste is generated
  • Significant cost savings on landfill gate fees and taxes
  • Reduces CO2 and associated carbon released into the atmosphere
  • Generates a sustainable substitute for aggregate or a granulated fertiliser


Having taken ACT through to TRL 9 by licencing the technology to centralised plants, in early 2018 Carbon8 Systems developed a modular, containerised solution – the CO2ntainer – that can be deployed directly onsite and can be integrated into existing industrial processes. The new distributed solution can be located on where the ash or other by-products are produced, eliminating the need for costly and carbon emitting, haulage. Crucially, it also enables the use of direct CO2 capture from the customer’s flue gas, instead of needing to use pure and expensive bottled CO2.

In Autumn 2018, Carbon8 Systems demonstrated the first CO2ntainer at a CRH plant near Toronto, Ontario. This project successfully proved direct CO2 capture, as well as the ability to make two marketable products: a manufactured aggregate, and a mineral-rich fertiliser.


Technology applications

Carbon8 Systems’ technology can provide solutions to numerous industries, such as:

  • Cement
  • Energy from waste (EfW) and biomass/CHP
  • Steel
  • Contaminated soils 
  • Pulp and paper
  • Oil and gas
  • Wastewater


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