Carbon Innovation by Nature

With COP26 fast approaching and mounting pressure to meet NetZero targets, heavy industry needs immediate solutions.

It is not a question of if or when industry needs to decarbonise. The ‘when’ is now, the question is how.

Turning to nature for solutions.

About 52% of carbon is stored in reactive rock. Carbonate rocks have been storing CO2 through mineralisation for over 1000 million years. The calcium and magnesium ions in oceans reacts with the CO2 from the atmosphere and, in the process, is captured and stored as mineralised rock.

This is one of nature’s way of permanently and safely storing carbon however, the reaction and CO2 uptake is extremely slow, taking millennia.

Carbonation and carbon capture.

Our approach is simple; our innovative carbon capture solution is inspired by nature’s processes. The technology, Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), captures CO2 directly from an industrial plant (for example a cement or Energy from Waste plant) and, while managing the conditions, exposes it to residues available onsite. The residues from industrial processes, like natural rock formations, are reactive to CO2. Therefore, CO2 that would have been emitted, and residues destined to landfill, are converted into carbonate rock.

In the process, CO2 is permanently and safely captured in the form of aggregate, with various applications in the construction industry.

Carbon Innovation by Nature.

Through managing, controlling, and accelerating nature’s way of capturing carbon, we have solutions today to meet the targets of tomorrow. Not only does this reduce the emissions directly from the source, but it also utilises residues that are destined for landfill. Additionally, the aggregate manufactured in the process, allows for further downstream carbon reductions. Because it is lightweight, it can be transported more easily and can reduces the need for structures to support its weight, when used for example as a green roofing substrate. Secondly, it replaces the need to quarry for natural aggregate and so all the associated emissions are avoided.

In the form of carbonation, nature demonstrates carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS). ACT is the realisation of this process as a technological decarbonisation solution.

“We manage and control nature’s way of capturing carbon”

– Dr Paula Carey, Co-founder and Technical Director   
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