Build Carbon Neutral and Beyond.

Whether the construction industry needs to address its carbon footprint, is no longer a question. NetZero targets demand circular innovations, alternative sustainable building materials and a re-imagined built environment. There will be no one solution to this. There will need to be many across the sector involving businesses, project developers, and civil engineers.

At Carbon8 Systems, we have one solution; a carbon negative aggregate, that lowers the carbon footprint of any construction project, by utilising captured carbon from heavy industry.

What is it?

Our aggregate is a high performing, lightweight and carbon negative alternative to natural aggregate. It can be optimized for the intended application and is adaptable to client needs. Not only does it contain embodied carbon, but it has also hygric and insulating properties, the particles are rounded to sub-rounded and the grading can be controlled to suit particular applications.

Whether the aggregate is used in concrete blocks, ready-mix concrete, pipe bedding, road filler or as green roofing substrate, the advantageous properties make it a valuable alternative to natural aggregate.

How is it made?

Our technology is based on nature’s way of capturing carbon: carbonation. This is a geological process that binds CO2 in rock formations, where it is permanently and safely stored. However, in nature, this reaction is slow and takes millennia.

As the name suggests, our Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), controls and accelerates this process, enabling the safe capture within a solid form in 15 – 20 minutes.

The process uses industrial residues that are destined for landfill, for example from cement, energy from waste or steel plants, and exposes them to CO2 in a controlled environment. This transforms the ash or dust into pellets that take up more CO2 than is emitted in the manufacturing process.

At Carbon8 Systems, we believe that if industry starts building carbon neutral and beyond, it will also build better.

For more information, watch our presentation on our aggregate as WasteBuild:

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