Carbon8 Systems acknowledged by the International Energy Agency

The team at Carbon8 Systems are delighted to see its work recognised by the International Energy Agency.  In its report, published on September 24th, about the critical role that Carbon Capture must play in the future in order to deliver the world’s climate and energy goals, the IEA reported that “the British company Carbon8 is among the companies using CO₂ to convert waste materials into aggregates as a component of building materials”.

The IEA report is one of the most comprehensive global studies on CCUS to date; it assesses the state of play of CCUS technologies and maps out the evolving and expanding role they will need to play to put global emissions on a sustainable trajectory.  The IEA, led by Dr Fatih Birol, works with governments and industry associations around the world to “shape a secure and sustainable energy future for all”.   To access the IEA reports, click on and