After a rigorous application and interview process, including a live WebEx presentation to the judging panel, Carbon8 Systems have been awarded C$160,000. This grant will fund a project to demonstrate the use and permanent capture of carbon dioxide directly sourced from a flue stack to treat thermal residues. This project will also demonstrate the repeatable and consistent production of aggregates for bound and unbound construction material, as well as a fertiliser/soil improver in the agricultural industry.

The Ontario 2030 Solutions Challenge is a competition run by the Ontario Centre of Excellence to support the development of innovative green technology companies within Ontario. As a result of winning the finance for this demonstration phase of the project, Carbon8 Systems will be forming a new company in Ontario (Carbon8 products, Canada) and will be running a demonstration of its Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) as developed at the University of Greenwich.

Carbon8 Systems’ Managing Director Dr. Paula Carey said:

“This is an excellent opportunity to deploy our first containerised system at a real industrial plant and demonstrate that ACT can work with flue gas containing carbon dioxide at less than 20% by volume concentrations.” “Canada, and Ontario in particular, is a growing centre of excellence for Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) innovation and it is great to be part of these developments.”