Carbon8 Systems completes 3-month demonstration project at CRH, Canada

Carbon8 Systems have successfully completed a 3-month demonstration of their new containerised flue gas derived Carbon dioxide Capture and Utilisation (CCU) system (CO₂ntainer) at the CRH cement plant in Mississauga, Ontario. CRH is a leading global diversified building materials group employing over 90,000 people at 3,700 locations worldwide. The project was part funded by the OCE 2030 Solutions Challenge.

The aim of this project was to demonstrate the first CO₂ntainer, with the aim to prove the successful capture of CO₂ directly from the plant’s flue gas, and the abilityto make marketable products.

During the course of the demonstration, two products were manufactured from the residues from the cement works and carbon dioxide from the cement plant’s flue gas:

A coarse aggregate, was successfully trialled in the production of concrete blocks.

A finer granular material is being trialled as a soil improver.