Carbon8 Systems wins best CCUS technology in the Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021

(Delft, The Netherlands): Netherlands-based announced last week that Carbon8 Systems’ Accelerated Carbonation Technology is this year’s best Carbon Capture, Use & Storage (CCUS) technology in the Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021.

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In an online event live streamed on Friday (December 10th) Co-Founder and Managing Partner Erik Nijveld revealed the winning technologies in five categories: CCUS, Renewable Energy, Digitalisation, Safety and Maintenance.

Erick Nijveld cited one of the judges’ comments about Carbon8 Systems’ Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT): “This is a proven technology which offers a modular and containerised solution to several industry sectors that are hard to decarbonise but essential for our modern society.”

John Pilkington, CEO of Carbon8 Systems said: “We are delighted to have won this award and it is a testament to the proven potential of ACT and its future growth opportunities as it is deployed more widely. It is recognition, such as through this award, that shows that we can be at heart of NetZero ambitions and provide a ready solution.”

“The Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021 recognises the role of technology in ensuring a more sustainable future. And given that this year’s winning technologies were developed by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it also highlights the potential of SMEs to make a huge difference,” Co-Founder and Managing Partner Erik Nijveld said.

To view the full list of Tech for the Energy Transition Awards 2021 winners, click here.

Carbon8 Systems’ ACT is in operation in EfW plants in the UK and at the Vicat cement plant Montalieu, France. 

About Carbon8 Systems

C8S’s Accelerated Carbonation Technology is a CCUS solution based on the natural processes of carbonation and mineralisation. These reactions occur naturally under atmospheric conditions, where compounds such as calcium or magnesium oxides, hydroxides, or silicates react with carbon dioxide. In nature, this process is extremely slow – taking place over millennia. C8S’ technology manages, controls and accelerates this process and in doing so, has created one of the worlds few economically viable forms of carbonation and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU).  C8S’ Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) mineralises and stabilises industrial by-products or residues to produce a granular solid, which permanently captures carbon. C8S’ expertise around the carbonation process means that it is able to control the physical characteristics of the end-product.  The end-product has various valuable applications, such as aggregates for construction, or agricultural fertiliser. 

The company’s patented CCU solution is known as the CO2ntainer system; a modular, containerised solution (carbon capture in a box), it is similar in size to a shipping container so can be easily transported by HGV to site.   


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