“The purpose of the CCUS Cost Challenge Taskforce is to inform and propose a strategic plan for supporting the development of CCUS in the UK, in order to meet government’s stated ambition of having the option to deploy CCUS at scale during the 2030s, subject to costs coming down sufficiently.

The work of the Taskforce will inform the CCUS Deployment Pathway that the government has committed to publish by the end of 2018. This pathway will identify the steps that government believes need to be taken in order to meet the ambition for the 2030s. In addition, the Taskforce’s recommendations will inform the review of CCUS delivery and investment frameworks.”

Alongside Carbon Clean Solutions, Carbon8 Systems represents UK SMEs on the Taskforce as well as being a voice for the utilisation of carbon dioxide.

The Taskforce published their findings in July 2018 – “Delivering Clean Growth”.