Carbon8 Systems was invited by Jan Theulen, Heidelberg R&D Director, to present the recent developments in our carbonation technology and to demonstrate to a mainly academic audience that academic research can develop into successful spin-out companies. Of particular relevance to Carbon8 Systems were the sessions on LCA and TEA where the work of the CO2Chem team at the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the GCI, on the guideline for LCA and TEA for carbon dioxide utilisation were presented. The work of Carbon8 Systems at CRH’s plant in Ontario, Canada was presented as a case study for this work.

“The goal of the conference is to highlight research projects on Carbon Dioxide Utilization in all levels of maturity. Carbon dioxide can be used for many synthesis routes in the chemical industry. The spectrum of research in the field ranges from fundamental to applied science. Products like fuels, polymers, or building materials from CO2 are no longer a dream. Furthermore, the CO2 utilisation roll-out has begun first applications are about to enter the market. Meet the industry and get in touch with successful companies at the forefront of sustainable chemistry.”