Plug and play – inside the CO₂ntainer

In early 2018, applying our knowledge of ACT and engineering capabilities, we developed a modular, containerised solution – the CO₂ntainer. This is deployed directly onsite and can be integrated into existing industrial processes.

The new distributed solution can be located where the ash or other by-products are produced, eliminating the need for costly and carbon-emitting haulage. Crucially, it also enables the use of CO₂ captured directly from the flue gas, instead of needing to use pure and expensive bottled CO₂.

In Autumn 2018, we demonstrated the first CO₂ntainer at a CRH plant near Toronto, Ontario. This project successfully proved direct CO₂ capture, as well as the ability to make two marketable, low-carbon products: a manufactured aggregate, and a mineral-rich fertiliser.

The next iteration of the CO₂ntainer was developed at Hanson Cement (part of Heidelberg Group), where the processes were engineered to be automated. The output is a solution we are delivering to a range of industries including cement, waste-to-energy and pulp and paper.

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13. Inside the box