Accelerated Carbon
Technology (ACT)

The residues we treat

We categorise three types of residue that can be treated using ACT:

1. Reactive residues.
2. Non-reactive hazardous residues.
3. Non-reactive problematic bulk residues.

ACT improves both the physical and chemical properties of the residues so that the engineered products can be used in a variety of applications.

Reactive residues
Air Pollution Control residues (APCR) and fly ashEfW, biomass, coal
Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA)EfW, biomass, coal
Cement bypass / kiln dustsCement or lime
AshPaper industry
Concrete finesConstruction and demolition
Non-reactive hazardous residues
Contaminated soilsLand remediation
SludgesWater treatment
Drill cuttingsOil industry
Filter cakeVarious
Non-reactive problematic bulk residues
Mineral finesQuarrying